Great news! Our college counseling Class of 2020 students have been accepted into various top schools such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Columbia, UPenn, Cornell, Brown, UC Berkeley, and UCLA, etc. Many of these students started Ardent in their elementary or middle school years. From taking math, physics, coding, summer research to college counseling and community service, they have grown immensely over the years. It has been our privilege working with all these students and families. Congratulations!
Additionally, congratulations to the following Ardent staff:

Summer 2020 Ardent Research Program applications are now open! The Ardent Research Program helps students develop skills in bibliographic research, research methodology, mathematical and computational tools, and effective communication of research results. Students participate in group classes, web-based collaboration, individual meetings, and receive research assistance while conducting research at Ardent Academy or with a student-selected mentor at a university, medical center, or research institute. Students who are able to complete a project will have the opportunity to enter local, state and/or national science competitions. Students must complete an application and be approved before registering.

During this challenging time, we'd love to hear from you and support you in any way we can. Feel free to stay connected with us via the following starting March 30, 2020.

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Ardent Academy for Gifted Youth is hosting public online webinars for current and prospective students and families. Come to check out our facility, learn the comprehensive programs we offer, meet our instructors, and hear a talk by Dr. Li on gifted education and college admission planning. Parents and students are invited to these seminars.

Zoom is the platform used for live webinars. Download Zoom ahead of time on either PC or mobile device if you have not yet HERE.

Ardent SOLVE is designed for our enrolled students to review recorded lessons, submit homework and quiz electronically. Your student needs to log into our parent portal, 5 minutes before the live webinar for the specific Zoom link.


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