Eight Ardent students were named semifinalists by Orange County Science and Engineering Fair (OCSEF) for participation in the 2015 Intel ISEF Qualifying competition. A total of 39 high school students were selected to take part in the competition.

Intel ISEF is the largest international pre-college science competition in the world. It is an annual competition that hosts about 1,700 high school students from multiple countries to display their research and compete for prizes.

The Ardent semifinalists, along with their project titles, are listed as follows.

  • Aileen Wang, Aliso Niguel High School senior: “A Novel Cancer Diagnosis Framework Using Optimal Point Region Growing Segmentation and Pseudo-Zernike Moments”
  • Jennifer McCleary, Arnold O. Beckman High School senior: “Correlating the Bandgaps of Earth-Abundant Metal Oxides to Photocurrent Generation for Water Splitting Applications”
  • Michelle Xu, Arnold O. Beckman High School freshman: “Tree Biomass Estimation By Fuzzy Set Theory in Allometric Studies”
  • Nilay Mehta, Irvine High School junior: “Using Electromyographic Technology and Voice Control to create a Cost-Effective Prosthetic Arm”
  • Ruoxi Michelle Chen, Sage Hill School junior: “Mathematical Models of the Growth of Stem Cell Driven Cell Clusters”
  • Justin Wang, Irvine High School sophomore: “FLIM Analysis of Metabolic Shifts in HeLa Cells as Markers for Changes in Transcriptional Activity in the Presence of Caffeine”
  • Neal Sharma, University High School freshman: “A Novel Program to Model and Determine the Most Optimal Positioning of a Wi-Fi Router for Devices to Receive the Greatest Average Signal Strength”
  • Anna Lou, Oxford Academy sophomore: “Using Technology to Enhance Guided Student-Centered Learning in Science”