Vinson Luo, graduating senior from University High School in Irvine, has qualified for the U.S. Physics Nationals.

Vinson was a gold medalist in the U.S. Physics Semifinals, which means that he scored within the top 50 students who participated in the Semifinals.Physics is a topic that Vinson developed a strong interest in from a young age.

“I’ve always been interested in Physics. On the whole, physics describes why and how the world works at a fundamental level,” said Vincent.

A desire to participate in the Physics Olympiad grew within Vinson as a result of his intellectual curiosity concerning the subject of physics.

“Physics Olympiad was the logical step for me to continue my first forays into physics. I’ve loved Physics and science from the start of elementary school. The reasons behind why the simplest or most complicated phenomena occurred could be explained with methods that were simply amazing,” said Vinson.

Vinson was inspired in particular by popular science nonfiction books, including Brian Greene's The Elegant Universe and Michio Kaku's Hyperspace.

“Though I initially did not understand the mathematics behind the much of physics when I was younger, I’ve finally been able to catch a glimpse of the pure beauty of physics,” said Vinson. “It’s miraculous to see when every part of a proof fits together perfectly to produce a simple, yet robust statement.”

For students that are looking to become more involved with the Olympiad and other smaller competitions, Kevin strongly encourages active participation.

He said, “You’ll learn physics at a level far deeper than you would in a classroom setting, and you’ll be able to hone critical thinking and problem solving skills that are highly applicable to other disciplines.”

Vinson is the President of the Web Design Club and co-President of the Math Club. Following graduation, he will be attending Stanford University in the Fall, where he plans to double major in Physics and Computer Science.


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