The 2014 USA Biology Olympiad competition results have been announced. The following students were named national semifinalists.

  • Kevin Bao
  • Mike Bao
  • Tatiana Brailovskava
  • Annie Chang
  • Justin Chang
  • Melissa Chang
  • Krishna Kandala
  • Bryant Ke
  • Lawrence Koh
  • Junior Nguyen
  • Albert Tung
  • Lohit Velagapudi
  • Justin Wang
  • Anthony Xu
  • Angelina Ye
  • Francis Yang
  • Jacqueline Yau
  • Tina Zhou

The United States National Biology Olympiad (USABO) is an annually hosted biology competition for high school students. In the USABO, participating students take an open exam, and the top 500 or 10% of scorers are selected to take a second exam.

The top 20 scorers on the second exam are selected to move on to the USABO Finals, where the top four students are then selected to move on to the international competition. In order to qualify for the International Biology Olympiad (IBO), prospective students must be among the top 4 of 20 finalists in the USABO.