Nathan Kim won first place in the individual category at the 2014 Southern California MATHCOUNTS, which was held at UC Irvine on Mar. 15. Kim won first place individual, Phil Chen won seventh place individual, and Jeffrey Trail Middle School placed 3rd in the team competition.

MATHCOUNTS is a nationwide program that was designed for middle schoolers to increase their math competency. It is a competition that consists of a regional round, a statewide round, and a national round. Each year, around 350,000 students and 7,500 junior high schools from across the nation are involved in the competition.

A standard MATHCOUNTS competition consists of four rounds: the Sprint Round, the Target Round, the Team Round, and the Countdown Round. The Sprint round is a written exam of 30 problems, the Target Round contains eight mini examination problems, the Team Round is a 10 question exam, and the Countdown Round has contestants go head to head in answering math problems as quickly as they can.