Five Ardent students were named 2014 Broadcom MASTERS National Semifinalists among 300 nationally selected participants.

  • Acaciawood College Preparatory Academy, Anaheim, California

    Joseph Daniel Lou (Grade 6), Anaheim, California

    How Costly Is Your Multitasking? A Computer-Assisted Quantitative Study of Age and Gender Differences in Switching Costs in Time and Accuracy

  • Jeffrey Trail Middle School, Irvine, California

    Jeffrey Wang Xing (Grade 8), Irvine, California

    The Study of Levitation Distance and Stability Range in Diamagnetic Levitation

  • Rancho San Joaquin Middle School, Irvine, California

    Anita Garg (Grade 8), Irvine, California

    The Effect of Competition on a Problematic Invasive Species, Brassica nigra

  • Pioneer Middle School, Tustin, California

    Michelle C. Xu (Grade 8), Irvine, California

    A Mathematical Model of Leaf Counting for Carbon Sequestration

  • Alderwood Elementary, Irvine, California

    Schoenberger, Michael (Grade 6)

    Storm the Castle with Newton's Second Law of Motion: Ping Pong Projectile

NOTE: Jeffrey Xing and Michelle Xu were participants in the 2013 Ardent Academy Science Research Summer Institute

Semifinalists were selected from more than 2,054 applicants, who were nominated by being among the top 10 percent of participants at local science fairs in 2014. Each application received three independent readings and evaluations by distinguished scientists, engineers and educators.

Nominees qualified to enter the Broadcom MASTERS by being among the top 10 percent of participants at their Society for Science & The Public affiliated science fairs.

The 30 finalists will be announced on September 17 for an all-expense paid trip to Washington DC to showcase their science fair projects and compete in a four-day STEM competition for awards and prizes. The top prize of $25,000 will be presented by the Samueli Foundation.