Eric Chen, a graduating senior from Canyon Crest Academy in San Diego, has qualified to join the US National Physics Team for the second time. Eric was a member of the US Physics Team last year.

“Since I was already at camp last year, I got to meet and mingle with the coaches and other incredible students,” said Eric. He hopes to learn more about physics during his second time at the camp. “I’ll already have a good idea of what camp will be like and know a lot more, and I’m sure there will be plenty of surprises in store for me.”

Eric has been interested in physics for an extended period of time. He said, “The Physics Olympiad is a channel where I can express my interest in physics and explore the beauty and intricacies of the field,”

The explanations that physics provides as to how the world works is what drives Eric to learn more.

“I find it incredible that sets of equations that are so simple have the capacity to describe everything that happens around us. I have always been curious and full of questions, and these fields can give me logical and concrete explanations in regards to whatever I happen to be wondering about,” said Eric.

His advice to younger students who are interested in pursuing Physics or any science is to experiment with everything.

“Don’t be afraid to try everything, you’ll find that you may not like some things, but you’ll also discover how passionate you are for other things. You can’t find what you’re good at or what you love until you try it out first,” said Eric.

At school, Eric is a part of the Math Team, Science Fair Club, Academic Club, and co-President of the Fencing club. He also leads Club Intrigue, a science outreach group that focuses on bringing STEM programs to schools that currently do not have them.

After graduating, Eric will attend Harvard this upcoming fall.