Eleven Ardent Students took the USA Physics Olympiad Semifinal Placement exam in order to qualify to join the US Physics Team. In the Olympiad, high school students must first take a preliminary exam, and the top 300-400 students are invited to take the semifinal exam.

Participating semifinalists all receive certificates for their achievements, and medal rankings are also awarded to exceptional performers.

Of the eleven, four were Gold Medalists, or in the top 10% of scores. One student was a Silver Medalist, or in the top 20% scoring students. Two students were Bronze Medalists, or in the 40% scoring students. The last four students received Honorable Mentions, which were given to students who fell within the top 65% of scores.

Their names and rankings are as follows:

  • Benjamin Chen - Gold
  • Eric Chen - Gold
  • Ruoxi Chen - Bronze
  • Ryan Lim - Honorable Mention
  • Vinson Luo - Gold
  • Yianshen Hu - Honorable Mention
  • Thomas Kwa - Honorable Mention
  • Parth Shah - Honorable Mention
  • Dennis Shim - Bronze
  • David Zheng - Gold