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In just five short weeks, your student will learn skills that will last them a lifetime! Ardent's Winter Maker Camp II teaches students how to build and self-program a project in the form of a game, drone, or robot. The five classes guarantee fun, collaboration, and innovation - don't miss your chance and enroll now!




Ardent Academy

Winter 2018 Maker Camp



Registration and Payment

Full payment of tuition and fees is required at the time of registration. If you register after January 28, there is a $50 nonrefundable late fee. Online payment by credit or debit card is preferred. If the payments are nonnegotiable, you will not be registered in your course(s). We accept MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. If you wish to pay by check or cash, you must register and make payments in person at our offices.

Class Change and Refund Policy

Withdrawal requests must be made by submitting a written request 7 days before the first day of class to receive a refund less student registration fee of $50.00. Otherwise, no refund nor credit will be given. No pro-rated tuition or credit will be given for missed classes. Classes are subject to change or cancel.  

Maker Camp Programs

Program Title Description

Lego WeDo Coding for Grades 2-3

SUN - 9:30am - 11:30am @ Ardent NW

01/28/2018 - 02/25/2018

Using a combination of interactive lessons, concept explanations, videos, puzzles, quizzes, and DIY projects, this courses teaches students to write block-based programs that integrate the WeDo Smart Hub with the environment. The coding activities build and reinforce STEM skills, math, and science, while introducing programming concepts such as repetition, conditional logic, variables, and functions.

Robotics Coding for Grades 3-4

SUN: 12pm - 2pm @ Ardent NW

01/28/2018 - 02/25/2018

A fun introduction to programming that includes concise coverage of computer science fundamentals through hands-on projects. Students will start with visual programming and transition to text programming. They will also learn how to program a physical robot and transition to how to program games and solve math problems.

Game Design 101 for Grades 3-5

SAT: 11am - 1pm @ Ardent UTC

02/03/2018 - 03/03/2018

This class introduces beginners in grades 3-5 to programming using a fun scenario-based approach through building two complete games: Side Scroller Survival to learn basics of motion and animation, and Beat Bot Battle, where students program a robot to dance. Upon completing this course, students will be able to build simple games, animations, and a variety of simple projects. No prior experience is needed.

Arduino II for Grades 6-8

WED: 4pm - 6pm @ Ardent NW

01/31/2018 - 02/28/2018

In this class students build a robotic car, head, and hand which they will program using the Arduino micro-controller. They will learn how to control motors, use sensors and LEDs, and design robotic systems that mimic bionic movement. Students will be able to take their Arduino components and projects home at the completion of class. Previous programming experience with Arduino required.