Introducing Ardent Prime - Beat the Summer Slide!

In a recent meta-analysis of 39 studies, research has shown that long vacations disrupt the learning cycle and can lead to absolute losses, especially in mathematics. Students test one-tenth of a standard deviation lower when they return to school in the fall.



Offered to rising K-6 students, Ardent Prime is a self-paced program designed to prevent student's learning loss over the summer and help them build the arithmetic and mental math foundation necessary to excel in the next school math level and Ardent math classes. They may choose to enroll in the online or in-person program for individualized learning with an Ardent tutor.

Build Math Fluency Improve Speed & Accuracy Jumpstart Next Math Level


Schedule Programs and Tuition
Starts Tuesday, June 19!
Tuesdays, 6/19-8/28
4:30-6:30pm, Ardent Northwood
Thursdays, 6/21-8/30
4-6pm, Ardent UTC
There will be no meetings July 2-6.

Ardent Prime Plus Program

  • $99 in-person program** for all former and Summer 2018 students
  • $199 in-person program** for all new students

**Students enrolled in the in-person program will meet for up to 45 minutes, twice a week with an Ardent Instructor.


Ardent Prime Online Program

  • $49 online access via eLearning for all new student
  • FREE online access via eLearning for all former and Summer 2018 students

This online program is self-paced & designed for students to practice arithmetic skills throughout the summer, self-test themselves, and evaluate their weaknesses. 

Those who need extra help are encouraged to register for the in-class Ardent Prime program.