Introductory Computer Olympiad Training in Python, Java, or C/C++

For students who are interested in participating in USA Computing Olympiad competition (USACO), Ardent Labs offer 3 beginning level courses in either Python, Java, or C/C++ programming languages. Students must have completed Ardent Python Level 2, Introduction to Java Programming, or CS50X courses to take these classes. Students will prepare for taking the USACO Bronze Division Contest in December 2018.
All three classes offer the same content with the exception of coding languages. Each class will accept only 4 students to ensure maximum coaching and one-on-one attention.
Classes start Friday, September 14, 2018
Sep 14 - Nov 16 • FRI • 5:30-8:30PM • Ardent UTC
  • Introductory Computer Olympiad - Python
  • Introductory Computer Olympiad - Java
  • Introductory Computer Olympiad - C/C++