Spring 2019: Pathway to College Seminars

Ardent Academy for Gifted Youth will host public seminars and open houses for current and prospective students and families from March 10 - May 19. Come to check out our facility, learn the comprehensive programs we offer, meet our instructors, and hear a talk by Dr. Li on gifted education and college admission planning. Parents and students are invited to these seminars.

The seminar will be held at our Woodbridge Campus: 3500 Barranca Pkwy, Suite 220, Irvine, CA 92606 (except May 13, 2019) with the following topics:

Sunday, March 10, 1:30-2:45pm: How to Gain a Competitive Edge Through Computer Science (Gr 6-11)

Sunday, March 17, 1:30-2:45pm: How to Gain a Competitive Edge Through Physics (Gr 6-10)

Sunday, March 24, 1:30-2:45pm: How to Gain a Competitive Edge Through Science and Science Research (Gr 2-11)

Sunday, April 7, 1:30-2:45pm: Interested in Ivy League Schools? Five Tips for Middle Schoolers (Gr 5-8)

Sunday, April 14, 1:30-2:45pm: Six Trends in College Admissions and How Ardent Programs Help Your Student (Gr 6-11)

Sunday, April 28, 1:30-2:45pm: How to Build a Competitive Portfolio for College Admissions (Gr 6-11)

Sunday, May 5, 1:30-2:45pm: English, Speech & Debate, and SAT Bootcamp (Gr 4-11)

*Monday, May 13, 6:15-7:30pm: How to Gain a Competitive Edge Through Math Olympiad

*Location: Ardent Northwood - 820 Roosevelt, Irvine, CA 92620

Sunday, May 19, 4-5:30pm: Case Study: The Newest Trends in College Admissions (Gr 6-11)