In celebration of the holiday season, Ardent Academy will be hosting a free Family Holiday STEAM event for all students in grades 2-8. 

If your student is new to computer science or would like to explore fun coding and programming activities, come check out these free events at Ardent Academy!

Her fingers released the aluminum boat into the sea, carrying a cargo of copper passengers. The boat toddled from side-to-side. The student’s eyes widened in anxiety, will it float? Pennies on deck slid from the stern to the bow—she gently loaded the port with another coin—SPLASH! The aluminum ship went under.

AMC 8 is a middle school math competition organized by the American Mathematical Association. It is designed to foster interest in mathematics and promote the development of problem-solving skills.

The test is composed of 25 questions to be completed in a 40-minute time span. All questions are multiple-choice, and students will not be penalized for wrong answers. The topics covered include number sense, number theory, estimation, counting, probability, pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry.

About 200,000 middle school students take the exam each year. Recognitions are given to students who receive a perfect score (Certificate of Distinction), high scoring students (Honor Roll Certificate), and high scoring students in the 6th grade or below (Merit Certificate).

Ardent Academy for Gifted Youth will host public seminars and open houses for current and prospective students and families from August 26 - 28. Come to check out our facility, learn the comprehensive programs we offer, meet our instructors, and hear a talk by Dr. Li on gifted education and college admission planning.