These courses are for students to explore reading and writing in an interactive, creative environment, but also challenge them to think critically and analytically. During the weekly two-hour forums, students will meet to close read and discuss a variety of texts amongst peers, thereby improving research and presentational skills. Students will also emulate writing techniques they have learned to craft original works.

Most of all, this program serves to inspire students and make reading and writing fun. Reading and writing develops the mind, imagination, and confidence.

E104 - Accelerated English 3/4

(10-week course for grades 3-4)

The focus of this course is building the reading foundation necessary to make cross-literature connections and improve analytical skills. Students will engage in a variety of independent, group, and guided work to study narrative elements, characterization, plot structure, and more. They will also build writing skills by studying English grammar and usage, practice new vocabulary derived from readings, and learn figurative language in a fun, interactive environment.

E106 - Accelerated English 5/6

(10-week course for grades 5-6)

At this level, students will practice referring to texts and making interdisciplinary connections, describing characters and setting with specificity, using context clues to compare and contrast, decipher vocabulary, and draw grander thematic conclusions. They will also work to master English writing standards through the practice of writing descriptive, expository, persuasive, and an added form of responses to literature.

E108 - Accelerated English 7/8

(10-week course for grades 7-8)

Students analyze various rhetorical methods by exploring complex texts. Through one-on-one feedback and daily writing prompts, students develop an advanced understanding of thematic elements and essays.