During the weekly forums, students will meet to close read and discuss a variety of texts amongst peers, thereby improving presentational and analytical skills. Students will also practice writing techniques in depth to create their own original works.

E303 - Young Readers & Writers 3

(10-week course for grades 2-3)

This course is for students who wish to explore reading and writing in a fun and creative environment, but will also challenge them to think critically and analytically. Students will spend the first five weeks of the course close reading one book, short stories, and poems in class to learn literary techniques used by writers. During the second five-week unit, students will emulate the techniques they’ve learned to create their own original works—they will leave the class as writers. The theme for this course will be “Innovators and Inventors.”


E305 - Young Readers & Writers 5

(10-week course for grades 4-5)

Building on the foundation they have learned in school, this course will stimulate deeper level thinking by creating a forum in which students can read, discuss, and closely analyze their texts in a collaborative setting with peers. This course will be split into two units, with five weeks spent close reading two books and short stories and the latter five weeks on writing their own chaptered short story, applying the craft they studied in the first unit. The theme for this course will be “Innovators and Inventors.”

E308 - Young Readers & Writers 8

(10-week course for grades 6-8)

In this course, students will move beyond their grade level and improve their reading comprehension by examining plot, character revelations, and the artistic methods by which the author chooses to craft the narrative. During the first unit of this course, they will close read short stories, one book, and one play, and analyze one short film. During the second unit of this course, they will apply the skills they have learned to write their own play with complete stage directions. The theme for this course will be “Innovators and Inventors