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We are proud of our students' many accomplishments, and make sure to celebrate them at Ardent Academy. Visit this page often for updates regarding the work of our outstanding students.


 2020 Top 30 Broadcom MASTERS

Ryan H, 7th Grade
Pegasus School, Huntington Beach, CA
Congratulations to Ryan for placing Top 30 in the 2020 Broadcom MASTERS, a national STEM competition for middle schoolers. All finalists receive a $500 cash award and will compete for over $100,000 in prizes in the final, virtual round in October 2020. We wish him luck in the finals!
Check out Ryan's feature in the LA Times!

Ryan previously attended Ardent Summer Research and you can read more about his project, A Machine Learning Driven IOT Sensor Network for Early Detection and Growth Prediction of Wildfires/COVID-19, by clicking here.


 2020 Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship Scholars 

Katelyn G, 8th Grade
Jeffrey Trail MS, Irvine, CA

Matthew C, 8th Grade
South Lake MS, Irvine, CA
Congratulations to Katelyn and Matthew, 2020 Caroline D. Bradley (CDB) Scholarship Award Winners! Both Ardent College Counseling students, Katelyn and Matthew were among the nationally chosen CDB Scholars after a yearlong application process. As recipients of this award, Katelyn and Mathew each will receive a full four-year, merit-based high school scholarship that covers high school tuition, room and board, and all personal expenses, a value totaling over $250,000 per recipient. We are incredibly proud of the hard work they've exhibited so far and excited to see what they will accomplish in their futures.


2020 Top 300 Broadcom MASTERS 

Katherine H, 9th Grade
Woodbridge High School, Irvine, CA
Congratulations to Katherine for her recognition as one of the Top 300 competitors in the 2020 Broadcom MASTERS, a national STEM competition for middle schoolers. This honor places her among a select group chosen from 3,476 entrants throughout the United States. Congratulations again to Katherine for her well-earned distinction!
Katherine attended Ardent Summer Research and submitted her project titled: Application of Object Detection and Ultrasound in a Navigator Prototype for the Visually Impaired.


2019 Caroline D. Bradley Scholar

Sophia C, 9th Grade
Sage Hill School, Newport Coast, CA
In past years, Ardent Counseling has guided students into successfully winning CDB Scholarships, including 2019 CDB Scholar Sophia C. Sophia was an 8th grade Ardent Counseling student at the time she received the honor. Ardent College Counseling is grateful to have been a part of her journey. We look forward to guiding more students towards achieving their goals!


Sabreen, 10th Grade
1st Place, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing
2020 OC Science & Engineering Virtual Fair

Haaris, 7th Grade
1st Place, Microbiology and Cell Biology
2020 OC Science & Engineering Virtual Fair

Anshul, Portola High School
Special Award, American Inst. of Aero/Astro
2020 OC Science & Engineering Virtual Fair


Aryush, 6th Grade

Orange County Water District Award
2020 OC Science & Engineering Virtual Fair

Ryan, 7th Grade
2nd Place, Electricity & Electronics
Office of Naval Research Special Award
2020 OC Science & Engineering Virtual Fair

Katherine, 9th Grade
Honorable Mention, Electricity & Electronics
Broadcom MASTERS Qualifier
2020 OC Science & Engineering Virtual Fair

Ryan, 3rd Grade
Alternative Program for Academically Advanced Students (APAAS) Accepted

Taeho, 7th Grade
Honorable Mention, Energy Conversion
2020 OC Science & Engineering Virtual Fair

Christine, 7th Grade
2nd Place, Microbiology and Cell Biology
Broadcom MASTERS Qualifier
2020 OC Science & Engineering Virtual Fair 

Alex, 8th Grade
3rd Place, Electricity and Electronics
Broadcom MASTERS Qualifier
2020 OC Science Virtual Fair

Raghav, 8th Grade
1st Place, Biological Product Science
2020 OC Science & Engineering Virtual Fair

Dylan, 9th Grade
1st Place, Math & Software
2020 OC Science & Engineering Virtual Fair 

Ellee, 10th Grade
2020 Dragon Kim Fellowship
"Conquering Akrasia"

Nithin, 10th Grade
1st Place, Electricity and Electronics
2020 OC Science & Engineering Virtual Fair 


Congratulations OC Math Circle, 2nd Place at Berkeley Math Tournament!

Congratulations to OCMC's A Team, for their stellar performance on the 2020 Berkeley Math Tournament (BMT). They earned 2nd overall out of more than 250 teams at the BMT this year. In addition, they earned 3rd place in the power round and 7th in the team round.
We'd like to recognize the following students for their individual achievements: Andrew Gu (1st place Discrete), Benjamin Fan, (2nd place Algebra), and Won Jang (3rd place Algebra).
These students scored in the Top 20% of various categories:
Andrew Gu, Andy Zhu, Arvin Ding, Benjamin Fan, Benjamin Liu, Neel Basu, Sushanth Sathish Kumar, Won Jang, Andrei Mandelshtam, Benlin Gan, Eric Lee, Ming Qi, Sophia Chen, Surya Subbarao.

Congratulations, 2020 USAPhO Semifinalists!

Congratulations to the following students who qualified to move onto the 2020 United States National Physics Olympiad (USAPhO):
Nyle Wong
Henry Ding
Andrew Gu
Yuchan Yang
Surya Subbarao

Congratulations, 2020 AIME Qualifiers!

Congratulations to the following students who qualified for the 2020 American Invitational Mathematics Examination! We wish for your continued success on the 2020 AIME. 
Jason Au, Matthew Chang, Eric Chen, Joshua Chen, Shuoyan Chen, Sophia Chen, William Chen, Austin Dai, William Deng, Henry Ding, Benjamin Fan, Aaron Feng, Benlin Gan, Vivian Gu, Daichi Hiraoka, Kevin Hong, Katherine Hua, Calvin Huang, Marissa Huang, Brian Jing, Elizabeth Li, Matthew Lou, Nathan Ouyang, Ming Qi, David Song, Surya Subbarao, William Wang, Andy Xu, Aidan Zhang, Howard Zhang, Oliver Zheng, James Chen, Andrew Gu, Pranav Kanchi, Aditya Krishnamoorthy, Eric Lee, Eric Li, Yifeng Lin, Mingzhen Qi, Anivrit Subramaniam, Anthony Tan, Justin Tang, Yuchan Yang, Austin Wang, Kai Wang, Nyle Wong, Angela Xiang
Students qualify for AIME by scoring in the top 5% on AMC 12 and 2.5% on AMC 10.

Congratulations, 2019 AMC 8 Top Scorers!

Honor Roll of Distinction: Scored in the top 1% Nationally
Chen, Sophia
Gan, Katelyn J
Hiraoka, Daichi
Lai, Devin Y
Liu, Emily
Lu, Vivian
Park, Justin
Wang, Kai
Zhang, Aidan
Honor Roll Certificate: Scored in the top 5% Nationally

Cao, Jiahao
Chen, Jesse
Chen, Kenneth
Chen, Timothy
Chian, Anne D
Dai, Mike
Deng, William
Fang, Ziyan
Ghosh, Aisheek
Hua, Katherine
Huang, Audrey
Jian, Michael C
Kim, Joelle M
Lee, Derek T
Li, Kevin
Logu, Kashvi
Luo, Raymond
Mukherjee, Aryan
Muvvala, Suhrith
Ouyang, Nathan
Qian, Andrew R
Shi, Cloris
Song, Caleb
Song, Jerry J
Tang, Sabrina
Vansomphone, Arin P
Wang, Alex
Wong, Jayden
Yang, Sophia
Zeng, Forrest
Zhang, Kairui
Certificate of Achievement: Students in grade 6 and below who scored over a 15 on the AMC 8 
Cao, Jiahao
Chen, Timothy
Dai, Mark
Dai, Mike
Huang, Audrey
Huang, Marissa
Jian, Michael C
Kang, Austin
Karnik, Nikita S
Ke, Hannah
Kim, Grace
Kuang, Raymond
Lee, Edward P
Lee, Jake
Lee, Tyler
Liu, Lawrence B
Logu, Kashvi
Menaker, Markker
Morris, Phoebe K
Tang, Jaden
Wang, Alex
Wang, Siyuan S
Wu, Bowen
Yeh, Kelly
Zhang, Edward
Zeng, Forrest
Zhu, Eric
Zhu, Liran

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